What is Double Lucky?

Double Lucky is the front end for the work of Luc Labonte. As a Jack-of-all-trades Luc uses; Video, 3D, photography, audio and web code to create a wide range of projects that are able to captivate an even broader range of people. Luc wants to be able to harness these tools in order to influence the lives of others in positive or entertaining ways.

A sample of 3D artwork

With 12 years of previous work experience in everything from Research and Development to Shipping and Receiving, Luc has worked on a wide range of projects requiring grit, creativity and fast thinking in order to reach the end of the project in the proposed scope. Having worked on multi-million dollar projects for Hewlett Packard, Voodoo PC and Userful, Luc is not a stranger to working creatively in a team environment to get the absolute best end product possible.

A sample of product photography

How do I contact Luc?

Please feel free to use:




(403) 605-8303

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For a physical copy of my portfolio, please go here in order to download the document.